Saturday, March 17, 2012

Favorite Primary Quotes

I am cleaning out my office, and ran across a paper with some of my favorite quotes from primary. In order to reduce paper clutter, I am going to record them here.

11/09 - During a sharing time on serving others, I asked the children, "What kind of service can you do for someone?"
Eric T. - Buy them a house!
Bodie B. - I ate 2 cupcakes.
Gabriel M. - Clean the whole house and buy my mom stuff, and do anything for her.
Aeryn B. - Play with mommy.

12/09 - Getting ready to introduce the Christmas song, "Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus," our chorister Sister Grigg asked the kids, "Can you think of anyone who stood on a wall?"
Eric T. - Humpty Dumpty!!

1/10 - During a sharing time on reverence, the question was asked, "Why are we reverent?"
Trey J. - So we can be resurrected.

5/10 - During a special message from Bishop Lundeen, he asked the kids, "What does Jesus save us from?"
Aubrey E. - The Lamanites!


ToreyMaye Jhonson said...

So cute!

ToreyMaye Jhonson said...
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